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Dental Facilities

Sr. No. Title Address States Districts Pincode Photos Map Route
1 PHC Samote Chamba PHC Samote Chamba 176207 HIMACHAL PRADESH CHAMBA 176207 View Route
2 CH Palampur CH Palampur Kangra 176061 HIMACHAL PRADESH KANGRA 176061 View Route
3 PHC Dharmshal Mahanta PHC Dharmshal Mahanta Una 177110 HIMACHAL PRADESH UNA 177110 View Route
4 CHC Sangla Kinnaur CHC Sangla Kinnaur 172106 HIMACHAL PRADESH KINNAUR 172106 View Route
5 PHC Dadhol Bilaspur PHC Dadhol Bilaspur 174023 HIMACHAL PRADESH BILASPUR 174023 View Route
6 PHC/ESI Kasauli PHC/ESI Kasauli HIMACHAL PRADESH SOLAN 173204 View Route
7 CH Palampur Palampur Rd, Berachah, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh 176061, India HIMACHAL PRADESH KANGRA 176061 View Route
8 CHC Dhami Galog - Dhami Rd, Dhami, Himachal Pradesh 171103, India HIMACHAL PRADESH SHIMLA 171103 View Route
9 CHC Padhar Mandi - Pathankot Rd, Padhar, Himachal Pradesh 175012, India HIMACHAL PRADESH MANDI 176121 View Route


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