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About Us- Background

About Us- Background

  • The sugar knowledge hub has been formed under the National Oral Health Program as a knowledge bank for the public and professionals for generating awareness, giving correct information for health professionals for their clinical practice and one stop reliable source of in-depth knowledge for researchers about sugar and its implied aspects on Health.

  • The Center for Dental Education and Research, AIIMS is the National Centre of Excellence for Implementation of National Oral Health Programme. It is also WHO Collaborating Center for Oral Health Promotion since year 2014. As the first phase, a web-based knowledge sugar hub is being created for Public, Professionals and Researchers. The hub shall be an amalgamation of inputs from various stakeholders ranging from doctors to agriculturists and nutrition scientists.

  • Daily diet with excess sugar consumption is a risk factor for dental decay, diabetes, obesity and metabolic diseases in both children and adults. The available information about sugar is vast and confusing and also sometimes not from reliable source always. Correct knowledge about sugar consumption and health effects is likely to influence people’s own health choices.

Objectives of Sugar Knowledge Hub

  • To provide information about sugar in general

  • To create awareness among the public about health effects related to high sugar consumption

  • Advocacy for creating awareness among public by

  • IEC Materials

  • Training Modules

    • Health Professionals

    • School Teachers

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