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Benign and Malignant Tumours Of Oral Cavity

Benign and Malignant Tumours Of Oral Cavity

The term ‘tumor’ refers to a swelling.  Benign tumor refers to an abnormal growth that does not invade into the adjacent tissue whereas a malignant tumor indicates the commonly known term ‘cancer’ or carcinoma. These two differ in terms of their treatment and hence the differentiation between the two is essential before instituting any form of therapy.

Tumours And Cysts Originating From Teeth / Associated Structures

Odontogenic tumors refers to the lesions arising exclusively in the jaws which are originating from tissues associated with tooth development. They include both benign and malignant entities and can produce considerable destruction of bone and symptoms in patients depending upon the size of the lesion.

Cysts refers to an abnormal cavity containing fluid or semisolid material. Odontogenic cysts are relatively common and as their name indicates derive origin from tooth developing tissues.

Due to their propensity to cause facial asymmetries and patient discomfort, their early diagnosis holds paramount importance in terms of their early management.

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