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Complicated Crown Fracture

Complicated Crown Fracture

A fracture involving enamel and dentin with loss of tooth structure and exposure of the pulp. There is normal mobility and percussion test is not tender. If tenderness is observed, evaluate for possible luxation or root fracture injury. Exposed pulp sensitive to stimuli.

Treatment Modality

  • Endodontic treatment and restoration with a post retained crown
  • In patients with mature apical development, root canal treatment is usually the treatment of choice, although pulp capping or partial pulpotomy also may be selected.
  • if the exposed dentin is within 0.5mm of the pulp (pink, no bleeding) place calcium hydroxide base and cover with a material such as a glass ionomer.
  • If tooth fragment is available, it can be bonded to the tooth.
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common dental diseasesngh

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