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Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth also known as xerostomia is a condition in which the salivary glands in the oral cavity does not make enough saliva to keep mouth wet. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria, limiting bacterial growth and washing away food particles. Saliva also enhances your ability to taste and makes it easier to chew and swallow. In addition, enzymes in saliva aid in digestion.


Decrease in salivary flow and inability to wet mouth can result in

  • Stickiness in mouth
  • Dental decay
  • Taste alteration
  • Soreness in mouth and throat.
  • Difficulty in chewing, swallowing and speaking.
  • Foul odour
  • Coating over tongue.
  • Fungal and bacterial oral infections
  • Burning sensation.

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