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Extraction of Teeth

Extraction of Teeth

Extraction of teeth implies removal of teeth from the supporting bone

What are the steps of extraction of teeth?

  • Giving local anaesthesia for eliminating pain during the procedure
  • Simple extractions can be done on outpatient basis
  • Complicated extractions involving impacted teeth (partially erupted/teeth embedded in bone) may sometimes requires removal of bone surrounding the tooth and rarely may need to be done under general anaesthesia.

Will removal of upper teeth lead to blindness ?

Extraction of teeth is not associated with any such complications

What are the complications following extraction of teeth ?

Usual complications following extraction includes

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Reduced mouth opening usually due to pain and swelling
  • Dry socket- due to dislodgement of blood clot from the extraction socket
  • Numbness of lower lip (rare)

The complications following extraction are usually easily managed and are not a reason to worry about.

What are the instructions to be followed before and after tooth extraction ?

Instruction to be followed before extraction of teeth

  • Have adequate food before coming for extraction of teeth
  • Extraction is preferred in the morning time
  • The person should inform the doctor about any medical conditions or allergies or previous difficulties experienced during extraction before commencing the procedure.
  • The person should always come with an attendant for extraction of teeth

Instruction to be followed after extraction of Teeth

  • The cotton or gauze should be placed in the mouth to apply pressure on the socket, for 45 minutes to one hour without movements or disturbance. The gauze should be removed gently after that. Ice pack application can be done following extraction which can reduce swelling and pain
  • Do not spit or do any movements creating pressure inside the mouth like blowing a balloon, drinking juice with a straw pipe for one day following the procedure. This helps to stabilise the wound and prevent further bleeding
  • Do not try to touch the wound or try to manipulate it- this can lead to subsequent bleeding or infections.
  • Do not drink any hot or hard food on the day of extraction, taking cold and soft food – like ice creams, rice and other soft food items are preferred
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol following extraction for fe days as it will interfere with the healing process
  • Maintain good oral hygiene after extraction. Brushing with soft brush without touching the wound area is advisable.
  • Warm saline rinses can be started on the day following extractions 10-15 times daily as it will help in reducing pain and swelling
  • Refrain from any laborious work or gym for two to three days following extraction Take adequate rest on the day following extraction

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