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Composite Fillings

Brief Description

These are tooth colored fillings often done to restore the tooth structure destroyed by dental caries. This soft, sticky material is condensed into the dental cavities and converted into a hard set state by the use of light of specific wavelength.


  • Tooth colored material
  • It can withstand heavy chewing forces
  • Restores the form and function of the decayed tooth

Amalgam Fillings

Brief description

Dental amalgam is a black colored material which is composed of silver and mercury. It is often used to restore the posterior tooth destroyed by dental caries.


  • High strength
  • Time tested material
  • Restores the form and function of the delayed tooth


  • Unaesthetic due to black color
  • Presence of mercury as one of its main constituents

Controversy: There have been reports regarding release of mercury from dental amalgam restoration. Concerns have been raised about it's harmful effects on systemic health. The topic is controversial as the scientific literature is available both in favor and against of amalgam restoration.


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