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Healthy Teeth and Gums

Healthy Teeth

Teeth are vital structures of the body with a definite blood and nerve supply. The pearly white visible part of the tooth is the crown and the longer portion anchored inside the gum and the bone is the root.

If you see the internal parts of the tooth, the outermost hardest white cover is known as the enamel. The inner relatively less hard part is the dentin. It surrounds the pulp containing blood vessels and nerves of the tooth.

There are four different types of teeth in human beings.


They are the front teeth, four in the upper arch and four in the lower arch. They are shaped to bite and cut food into small pieces


They are conical teeth at the corner of the mouth. Their function is to tear or shred food.


These are two on each side of both the jaws just behind the canines. These teeth have two cusps and the function is to hold and crush the food.


They are three in number on each side of the jaws and have bigger chewing surfaces for cutting food into smaller particles.

Humans have two sets of Teeth

The first to appear are Milk Teeth and are helpful to the child not only in terms of chewing but also in providing guidance to the developing jaw and permanent dentition.

The milk dentition has two incisors, one canine and two molars on each side of the jaw, a total of 20 teeth in the mouth.

There are two incisors, one canine, two premolars and three molars making eight teeth in each half of the jaw and a total of thirty-two teeth in permanent dentition

The grooves and pits naturally present on chewing surfaces of teeth are difficult to clean during brushing. Thus bacteria tend to accumulate here leading to tooth decay.


All the teeth are embedded in the jawbone which is covered from outside by a specialised layer of the skin, called the Gum / Gingiva.

Healthy gums are pink in colour with dark pigmentation. They remain firmly attached to the underlying bone.

Healthy gums do not bleed easily.

healthy mouth

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