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  • Dental implant is recent method to replace a single or multiple missing teeth, without involving or disturbing the adjacent teeth unlike bridges.
  • Dental implant is basically a root form titanium structure which is inserted inside the bone at the missing tooth region depending on the availability of bone at that site.
  • Once it is integrated with bone within 3-4 months after insertion, a cap/crown is fixed to it.
  • Rehabilitation with implants is usually fixed in case with single or few missing teeth.
  • While prosthesis can be fixed or removable in cases of fully edentulous arches depending on clinical situation.
  • Survival rate of the implant over period of 5 years is around 85% as per literature.

Single Tooth Replacement with Dental Implant

Removable Complete Denture With Implant Support

  • Completely edentulous patients have no teeth in their mouth.
  • They can receive either removable complete denture supported on dental Implants or can be fixed with artificial teeth fitted to dental Implants.
  • In former, it is a removable complete denture i.e. can be removed by the patient at any time but has good retention as it has latch type of attachment fitted to Implants inside the bone.
  • 2-4 numbers of Implants are inserted in the bone and once joined to bone denture is fitted over them with the help of some attachments.
  • Indicated in those patients who have insufficient bone for the conventional complete denture.
  • Patients with good amount of bone in the front region with less bone in the back region are candidates for removable type of implant supported complete denture.
  • Total cost also reduces with removable type of prosthesis.

Fixed Teeth in Completely Edentulous Patients through Implants

  • More number of Implants approximately 6-8 in one jaw are inserted in the patient’s bone depending on the bone quality and quantity.
  • Once Implants get integrated inside bone, artificial teeth are fixed to it.
  • Patient can not remove the teeth but dentist can remove the teeth.
  • Cases demand the meticulous control of oral hygiene.
  • This treatment option can be opted for patient with missing teeth in one arch only or both the arches.

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